5 Cool Things You Can Do With The Guys On A Saturday Night

Saturday is the most perfect day of the week because after a long and weary week of too much work and too little sleep, it is finally the time to sleep all you want, recharge your battery and have some fun. While there are many things you can do to make this day an awesome one, nothing even comes close to the kind of fun you can have by hanging out with the boys and get absolutely sick with that Saturday night fever! Things can often get a little out of hand, especially if your gang has a habit of partying too hard, but you deserve it after all the trouble you’ve been through during the week, so feel free to let loose and enjoy. If you are thinking of the things you can do to make this special day extra-special, continue reading this article which looks into four brilliant ways you can spend the night.

Hit the pub

A pub is a safe haven for all guys as it’s the perfect place for them to be who they really are, talk about all the things that run around in their head and basically shake off the annoyingly high level of stress from relationships, work and other problems. The pub owners are also generous enough to offer you with extended happy hours on Saturdays to let you really bond with your mates over several pitchers of bubbling beer.

Go watch a game

If there’s anything men as much as they love women, cars and beer its sports! Sports has a way of bringing out a great deal of spirit in men which strengthens the bond they have among their friends while also giving the opportunity to make exciting new ones. Get a hold of some great AFL tickets, spread the news among your mates and head out on the Saturday night to watch a great game of Australian football in the company of the best people and drink to your heart’s content.


Get your dancing shoes on and head out to steaming hot club with the guys where you can indulge yourself in some great drinks, enjoy good music and shake it off by going nuts on the dancing floor. Sure, it will cost a little more than the rest of the activities in this list, but think about the great looking girls who are just standing there, waiting for you to come and talk with them, and if things go well, maybe even dance a little. If you are single and ready to mingle, this gives you the perfect opportunity to socialize and find yourself the right girl.

Head to a pool hall

Pool halls are manly establishments where you and your mates can go and lock horns in a competitive game and play for stakes on a Saturday night. Don’t hesitate to make some good spirited trash talk to keep the troops on their feet while enjoying some good old booze which will make the game seem like a battle being played on the dim-lit hall where you will be gain an opportunity to put some of your physics knowledge into good use.

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