Best Superhero Comic books

As kids and adults we loved reading comics and we still do. Even though now you find almost every comic superheroes on TV in movies, it’s not like you reading them on a book and enjoying it page by page. However you might come across loads and loads of comic book stores around the world and even comic shows that will be held twice or thrice a year in different countries that attracts almost everyone around the world to come and enjoy the comic world with their favorite superhero. Below are some of the best comic books of all time.

Batman : The Killing Joke

The comic is itself it’s pretty old and was released in 1988.  Its basically a one shot graphic novel featuring our favorite charters Batman and the Joker. It was written by Alan more. It was one of the most popular comic book of all time and literally every reader loved it. If you are a comic fan and you need to be updated with the newest comics you can sign up for comic alerts and collectables in your nearest comic store.

Green Lantern Corps

So basically green lantern movies did not come up well but the comic was something that all the comic lovers loved and enjoyed reading. It was released in 2006 and was written by Peter Tomasi.  However the comic had attracted a lot of readers way back then and in the world of Marvel  & DC, green lantern belongs to the DC publishers. The Superhero that comes in the movies is basically a military/police that appeared in DC comics.

The Hulk

One who doesn’t know hulk has never watched a Marvel movie. However this comic was published in 2018 and had a really good rating and the readers loved it too. Basically the Hulk comes from the move The Avengers which was quiet famous too. The Characters that comes in the movies is quiet and calm, but turns into a huge green man once you make him angry.

X- Men- Days of Future past

X-men movies was literally the best movies and was the comics. The comic books became quiet famous back then. The first ever x-men comic book was published in 1981 and was written by the author Chris Claremont. The Comic itself had a good rating and was loved by almost every person who read the comic and positive comments too.

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